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Splitting hairs: Men's Health Speaks To Gary Heron, Trichologist At The Hair Centre In London

06 May 2009, by Admin in TRICHOLOGIST



We sort fact from fiction when it comes to your hair

Can baldness be cured?

“Take the legs of a newt, the fingernails of an insurance salesman…” Amid the bogus pills, internet potions and improbable scalp-weaves there’s genuine hope for the six million Brits afflicted by male pattern baldness (MPB). “Among the estimated 300,000 hair loss treatments available, two have been clinically proven to slow MPB and help re-growth,” says Gary Heron, trichologist at The Hair Centre in London. They are finasteride (available as the one-a-day private prescription pill Propecia) and minoxidil, an externally applied solution sold as Regaine. Research in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology  found 80% of men using finasteride retained more hair than placebo-takers, and two thirds actually re-grew hair. Roughly half of men using minoxidil staved off further balding, and 15% recorded re-growth

If I cut my hair will it grow back thicker?

Whatever the palm-rubbing, scissor-wielders at the salon tell you, a little off the top won’t have your locks growing back thicker than a footballer’s wife. “All hair above skin level is dead and cutting has no affect on the volume of re-growth,” says Keith Hobbs, clinical director of the Institute of Trichologists. “Bristly short hair may create this impression – but the reality is no more hair grows back than you had before.” Step away from the scissors, Elton.

Will my hair grow if I eat my crusts?

German research from the University of Munster found diet directly affects Barnet-retention, and crusts are manna from heaven for the follically challenged. The Teutonic toasters found they contain eight times more antioxidants than the rest of the loaf, while researchers in the US, Taiwan and Japan have all shown antioxidant intake is crucial to improving scalp circulation and creating melanin – the hormone that makes hair thicker, richer and less likely to fall out. You naturally lose an average 100 hairs a day, but shunning crusts could put you in the ‘unhealthy diet’ group who lose three times as many.

Does baldness come from my Mum’s side?

Tony Soprano could pin plenty on his ma, but like any thinning man he can’t let the maternal side of the family take the full rap for his forehead expansion. “Genetics do play a major part in male pattern baldness, but the gene can come from either parent,” says Gary Heron, trichologist at The Hair Centre in London. Just because your Dad’s as bald as Britney in breakdown, it doesn’t mean you will be, but your grandma’s wispy moustache doesn’t mean she’s in the clear: “MPB can often skip a generation,” adds Heron.

Are bald men brainy?

The higher your levels of brain growth protein the faster your locks tumble, according to research by the presumably shiny-domed Dr Ralf Paus at Humbolt University in Berlin. “It’s the first evidence that growth factors for the development of brain cells are also important for growth of hair follicles,” says Dr Paus. Homer Simpson was unavailable for comment.

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