Lotion with Glycerine for Itchy Scalps – (No.8)

Scalp Lotions by The Hair Centre; No.8 helps treat Hair Loss; The Hair Centre, hair loss prevention and treatments for men and women from The Hair Centre.This scalp lotion is formulated to help clear scale, stop irritation and maintain the scalp in optimum health. It is made of a blend of the purest of ingredients chosen for their antiseptic and anti-irritant properties. It also contains glycerine to help moisturise the scalp and condition the hair.

Directions for use: Directions for Use: After washing the hair, towel dry and apply the lotion, either straight from the bottle, or by wetting cotton wool and then applying to the scalp. The lotion is then left on the scalp to allow it to have an ongoing effect until the hair is next washed.

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerine, Cetramide, Aloe Vera, Piroctone, Olamine, Panthenol, Wheat, Amino Acid.