COMBAT HAIR LOSS: How To Grow Your Hair Back

23 Nov 2012, by Paul in COMBAT HAIR LOSS


Over the next few days we will be releasing direct self help information on how to “Combat Hair Loss” exclusively researched and validated by our own board of trichologists, pharmacists and chemists.


HOW TO GROW YOUR HAIR                             

(A Do-It-Yourself Guide)


Hair Growth – The Mechanism 

Genetics and Hormones 

Common Baldness 

Hair Growth – The Negative Factors 

The External Factors 

Hair Growth – The Positive Factors 


The Check List 

References and Further Reading  



This book is intended for all of those people who would like to improve their hair growth and hair condition and for anyone who is interested in understanding the factors underlying the growth of body and scalp hair.  It is based on first hand observation of many thousands of clinical hair disorder cases and on personal academic research in the field of hair growth and bio-medical science.

It is certainly possible within one’s own genetic blueprint to improve your hair growth and condition, by understanding the factors that are involved, eliminating or reducing the factors that have an adverse effect, and by pursuing vigorously the known plus factors. 

Although it is true to say that a good deal of the precise mechanism for hair loss is still not fully understood, certainly for women, a very considerable amount of information is available and this book attempts to set out the fundamental factors involved in achieving healthy hair growth. 

If you know how your hair grows and you study the factors that affect hair growth and follow the advice presented here, you will obtain the very best possible hair growth and condition.

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