Do You Think That Vitamins And Other Things Sold In The Health Food Shops That Claim That They Reduce Or Reverse Hair Loss Really Work?


The word ‘claims’ in this usage, reflects the lack of scientific proofs for naturally produced substances sold in heatlh food stores. Many of the items sold are sold on their potential and a ‘hype’ that is created by word of mouth. There is little regulation for natural food additives, so there is no way to determine the proof of the claims that are made. Some of the natural substances may have DHT blocking abilities, as claimed, but there is no proof of such activities.

It is common to find substances sold in health food shops that claim DHT blocking properties. There is no way to confirm or deny this, so it again becomes a ‘buyer beware’ issue, leaving the final action in the hands of those willing to spend the money on it.

At least speak to one of our trichologists and take advice on a proven DHT blocker and we know that because it has been thoroughly investigated by the drug company to meet a high standard of FDA regulations. We also know about the side effects (very low) and long term use statistics. A large company behind this medication tells us that someone is accountable if things go wrong. I can not say that for most of what is sold in the health food shops, particularly the ones online .

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